Do you have any food not laced with murder?
—Willow to Amelia

Sarah "Willow Moon Breeze" Duckworth is Amelia's little sister. She has left the family farm in Kentucky to be with Amelia. She used to be a girly girl, but has become a hippie within the six months that her sister last saw her.


Willow rebelled against the beauty-obsessed example of her older sister, and sought a more natural lifestyle, spurning the use of cosmetics or any other artificial adornments. Six months after last visiting Amelia, she began spending most of her time in the wilds of Kentucky, where she embraced her inner Earth child, and adopted the name of "Willow" instead of being Sarah. She is always barefooted (except in the Christmas special), is a vegetarian (except when she is tree sitting and insects are the only source of protein available), and practices a unique form of Yoga with positions of her own devising. She also enjoys dancing with scarves. Her relationship with her sister is complex, but their sisterly bond of affection is unbreakable. Amelia used to miss “Sarah”, but learned to enjoy being with “Willow”. She can be sassy and rude to others sometimes as shown in Eye of the Duckworth, but she is a sweet girl.


Willow has been on Amelia’s channel before Two Me's in a Pod. She was a girly girl who was referred to as “Lil Meels”. She returned to the channel six months later, but Amelia was shocked with her sister’s new hippie lifestyle. Willow became upset with being an “Amelia clone”, and the two have learned to get along better.


Total appearances: 13/63


  • She apparently visited California before, but has never met Paige or Frankie before her debut episode.
  • She thought Paige and Frankie were "Bizaardbark."
  • Her tenth birthday occurred during House Band.
  • Caitlin also played a character named Willow on ABC's American Housewife.
  • She boycotts Halloween for cruelty to pumpkins, despite the fact that vegans eat pumpkins.
  • Her made-up nature-themed name, along with her behavior, suggests that she is a hippie.
  • Unlike her sister, she does not have a notable Southern accent.
  • Like most girls her age, she is quite imaginative, as seen in the Christmas special when she made up elaborate stories during her auditions.
  • Amelia says she smells like dirt and dead flowers.
  • Love is the secret ingredient in her homemade organic granola.
  • She knows how to say "sister" in a lot of languages including Spanish and Italian.


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