The Worst Lullaby Ever is a music video with unusually diverse musical styles by Paige and Frankie in the episode "Hawkward." It was performed primarily by Paige, while Frankie was dressed as a baby, and is backed up by two heavy metal musicians, a small gospel choir, an apparent junior high school marching band, and other extras. It was written by Randy Petersen, Eric Friedman, Kyle Stegina and Josh Lehrman.


NOTES: Italics are for spoken lines. Bold type is for scene descriptions.

Now it's time to go to sleep
You've had a busy day
Let your eyelids slowly close
Your cares will drift away.

You're snuggled in your blankie,
and pillow made of down.
Hop aborard that sleepy train
Express to night-night town.

Maybe you'll have sweet dreams
Where you're dancing on a cloud
Listen, to my calming voice,
I'll try not to sing too loud!

(Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Main Street Gospel Choir!)
Paige and MSGC: Go to sleep (Go to sleep)
Count some sheep (Count some sheep)
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep
it's a whole barn of sheep, child.

Count 'em (Woo!), Count 'em (Woo!)
Count 'em (Woo!), Count 'em (Woo!)
Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, ...!

(Paige breaks through the door leading a marching band)
Baby Frankie: Oh, come on!

Sweet dreams, go to sleep, go to sleep
Close your eyes and drift off into dreamland.
Don't let anything keep you awake.
(MSGC: Sweet Dreams!)
Focus on soothing sounds.
(Cymbals crash directly over Baby Frankie)

(Asian man in a 19th century suit and top hat bangs a traditional gong,
as a cannon shoots confetti, at Paige, the musicians, and the crib.


  • This song was originally meant to air as part of Season 1 unaired episode "Dr. Wong Doesn't Have Time For Your Sense of Humor," and was eventually released as part of "Hawkward."
  • The music video contains at least five different musical styles.
    • Simple guitar ballad (First verse).
    • Alternative folk (second verse)
    • Heavy metal (third verse)
    • Gospel (fourth verse)
    • Standard marching band (fifth verse).
  • This is the second video where members of Bizaardvark wear short-haired wigs in order to imitate mothers. The previous video was Notes In Your Lunchbag, which contained Frankie in a flip wig.
  • Frankie's role as a baby was clearly inspired by both Weinerville and iCarly from Nickleodeon.


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