"The Night Dream" is a song performed by Paige and Frankie for Halloween. The style of the song was similar to early-1980's progressive rock such as Triumph and Survivor.


FRANKIE: I think I had a nightmare
My hands were made of cheese
I grew another kneecap
on my leg each time I sneezed. My feet were baked potatoes
My arms were candy canes
I had this weird sensation
I had hot sauce in my veins

Wait a minute. Is this for real?
Here comes my dad, he looks normal
Oh my gosh, he has my journal!

PAIGE AND FRANKIE: Dream or nightmare,
Nightmare or dream
So disorienting,
Who knows what they mean?

Dream or nightmare,
Nightmare or dream
In one we slumber,
in one we scream (SCREAMING)

Paige: Once I had this crazy dream
I was a huge rock star
My biggest psycho fan was
trapped inside of my guitar It was a little monster who
kept banging on a drum.
The worst part was it tried to
bite my hand each time I strummed.

Wait a minute - How could all of this be true?
(BARKING) There goes my dog
doing something very bad
Oh my gosh,
he's walking my dad



  • This was Belissa's first appearance in a video produced by Bizaardvark.
  • Paige and Frankie's imitation of their own fathers are simply themselves with mustaches. Frankie also wore a mustache to impersonate her father in the music video for Lemonade, despite the fact that the real Dr. Douglas Wong doesn't have a mustache.
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