"So Dramatic" is a parody of a ballad performed by Paige and Frankie. It is a spoof of excessively dramatic music videos, but proves to be one of Bizaardvark's least popular songs.


NOTE: All lines in parentheses are spoken in whispers, except for the last one.

Paige: This song, is So Dramatic
Frankie: I got feelings. So many feelings.
Paige: And now there's wind...
(Frankie: Woosh)
Paige: That's more dramatic.
Frankie: Look, I'm at a rainy window.
It's like the window's crying too.

Paige: This song...
(Frankie: Key change)
Paige: ...Got more dramatic.
Frankie: I tried to fight against the wind,
but man it's really picking up.

Paige: My pain...
(Frankie: Another key change)
Paige: My pain, it hurts me.
Frankie: Those words are really vague, but
Oh My Gosh, are they dramatic.

Paige: Dramatic.
(Frankie: Alright, this is excessive)
Paige: Drum-Drum Dramatic.
Frankie: The wind is back again,
Paige: And oh, no! Look, the flower's dead!

Paige and Frankie: THIS SONG....
(Screen shatters)


  • The video was shot in black and white with heavy sepia tones.
  • On the show, the video only received 800 hits. In real life, the video's hits are in the hundreds of thousands and growing.


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