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Principal Karen

Principal Karen is a recurring character in Bizaardvark. She is the principal of Sierra High School.

She is 35, single, and doesn't have children.

She is known for her frequent use of urban slang and dabbing. This could be attributed to her desperate need for approval.

She is portrayed by Rachna Khatau.


Season 2

Appearances: 4/22

Season 3

Appearances: 3/21

Total appearances: 7/63

Her Physical Appearance

Principal Karen has tan skin, dirty brown hair tied down with tighter curls at the bottom of the ends, and brown eyes. She is as tall as the main characters; not Izzy, and two other younger children.


  • As of yet, she has only been identified as "Principal Karen" or "Principal 'K'," her true surname remains unknown.
  • She is desperate to have the approval of her students.
  • She claimed that Dirk Mann is her favorite student.
  • She solved the problem of finding a Hawk school mascot by acquiring an owl and naming it "Hawk."
  • Accordingly, she has been trained in the care of owls living in captivity.
  • She began her teaching career teaching Chemistry.
  • She has become a huge Bizaardvark fan, apparently rivaling Belissa.
  • Principal Karen has gradually gained the impression, that she is an honorary member of sorts of Bizaardvark. She was an "official" member of the group for several weeks, from Summer Schooled to PK in Da House.
  • She and Ms. Manino began their careers at the same time.
  • According to Frankie, Karen is 35 years old.
  • She never sleeps which gives her time to do things like redecorate the house and watch other people sleep.


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