Logan Paul is an American actor on Bizaardvark. He portrayed Kirk Mann in Bizaardvark.


Logan Paul was born in Westlake, Ohio. He is a social media phenomenon. He started out on YouTube with little success. However, he eventually began creating videos on an app called Vine, and is now known for his incredibly popular Vine account with more than 8 million followers. Paul brings a large amount of energy and high production value to each of his 6-second videos on Vine. He is a former State Champion wrestler, and received two scholarships to attend Ohio University in Athens where he is an industrial systems engineering major. After his immaculate success on Vine, he began looking into minor roles in media production. Paul's first TV acting job was a short in Bad Weather Films, playing Rainbow Man. This led to a sequel called Rainbow Man. In early 2015, Paul landed a role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as a crazed kidnapper. In the pilot of a new series, Weird Loners, the role of the Logan Twins is being portrayed by Logan Paul.[1]


  • He is Jake Paul's brother.
  • He also formerly portrayed JennXPenn's (Jenn McAllister) brother on the show Foursome.
  • He bought a house in Encino, California
  • He currently has his own show called Logan Paul VS... and his podcast called Impaulsive.
  • Has his own clothing line called Maverick.
  • He has an African Grey parrot known as "Sir the Grey".



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