The following is a list of songs written by Paige Olvera and Frankie Wong for their channel "Bizaardvark."

Season 1

Episode Song Title Description
First Bizzardvark Theme The theme to the Paige and Frankie's website
The Blobfish Song Late-1990's boyband pop video, also used as part of a science class assignment.
Let's Go Make Some Videos Theme song to the show
Pirates at the Eye Doctor Attempted sea shanty spoof.
The Comeback Song Rap parody, about how the girls are allegedly really good at comebacks, but not when they need them.
Draw My Life Our lives are a musical Paige's suggestion as the two girls have trouble conceiving a Draw My Life video.
Frankie Has a Hater Balloon Dog
Love for the Haters
Superfan Thank You, Belissa
Untitled Resentment Song
Oh, Belissa
The Collab Low Self-Confidence Disco Disco parody where the two girls lose track of their dance steps and suddenly become emotional cripples in the process.
The First Law of Dirk Sad Ballad of Vladimir's Radish Farm Fantasy sequence of a 20th Century Russian Folk Song about a poor Russian radish farmer who slaves in the field all year only to produce one radish that is stolen by a bird.
Best Friend Tag Faceball A poorly written song inspired by an accident where Frankie gets hit in the face by a baseball in gym class.
Bernie's in Charge The Pyro Song Hard-rock song about the benefits of pyrotechnics.
Pretty-Con Bad Hair Day Country and Western story song about Frankie's hair going REALLY bad.
Puff and Frankie No songs other than previous songs rewritten with cat-related words.
Spoiler Alert: Belissa Returns Life is Awesome A jazzy, excessively upbeat song about everything going right for the girls.
Oops Wrong Emoji A Motown-esque song about how cell-phone errors can ruin lives.
Moosetashio: A Cautionary Tale So Dramatic Parody of overly dramatic music videos, such as "Hello," by Adele.
Control+Alt+Escape Party Don't Stop Hip-hop parody similar to P!nk's "Get This Party Started," where the two girls brag about how they claim to keep the party going all night.
Agh, Humbug Kids Table
Mom! Stop! Sweaty Gross Gym Song New-wave type song about the hardships of having PE as their first class.
Notes In Your Lunch Bag Song about parental embarrassment styled after the soundtrack to "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Season 2

Episode Song Title Description
First Day of School New School Superstars
Chocolate Bananas Chocolate Bananas
The Doctor Will See You Now Lemonade
Piggybank's Revenge Cutsey song about a the life of a piggybank that goes horribly wrong
Friend Fight! The Test Song
Hawkward The Worst Lullaby Ever A mix of musical styles ranging from Heavy Metal to Gospel to Marching Band guaranteed not to put a baby to sleep.
Frankie and Amelia's Fun Friend Weekend Flying Shoes Funkadelic duet about the two girls each getting a pair of kicks that are a little too fancy. Includes animated versions of the Bizaardvark girls.
Yes and No Anything Can Be A Dance
Halloweenvark: Part Boo! The Night Dream
Clash of the Superfans I Love Bunnies Death Metal music video that gushes over how cute bunny rabbits are. Ruined by Principal Karen.
Bernie Moves Out The Autocorrect Song Solo folk-pop song by Paige about how the autocorrect function on cell-phones often makes you write things that you never intended.
The BFF (Before Frankie Friend) If I Had A Dog
Sick Day With Paige's friend Izzy.
Amelia's Perfectly Imperfect Volleyball Adventure Interrupted Rap Paige and Frankie prepare to drop the greatest rap song ever, only to face constant interruptions after their intro.
Spring Break Video Spectacular Field Trip Pop song about Coach Carlson taking the kids on a field trip that goes wrong, and lame.
Participation Awards Rap song by Paige and Frankie about getting awards for less than stellar accomplishments.