"Let It Glow" is a pop-parody song performed by Paige and Frankie released apart from the Bizaardvark series to promote the Frozen Northern Lights spin-off media.


(On TV) Olaf: Look Sven! The skies awake..

(Speaking) Bernie: Wait, so the skies not actually awake. It's all in Olaf's imagination, right?

Frankie: Seriously, you don't know about Aurora Borealis?

Bernie: Yea, I know who Aurora Boring-Alex is.

Paige: You really don't know anything about the Northern lights?

Bernie: I do, yeah.

Paige: Frankie, you thinking what i'm thinking?

Paige and Frankie: Video idea!

(Singing) When the skie's awake

With crazy colors green and blue

You might be saying 'that's fake.'

We're here to tell you 'it's true!'

Call 'em Northern Lights

Aurora Borealis, you know!

The sky wakes up at night

So Let It Glow!

Gotta head up North, where it's always snowing

There's a party in the sky, Mother Nature's throwing

Stuff flying by million miles an hour

So let's break down this fire power

It all starts with the sun

And the solar wind

The charge particles collide with Oxygen..

And Nitrogen!

(Speaking) Frankie: Paige i'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Paige: Way better than okay..

Both: We're natural phenomenon!

(Singing) Let it glow, let it glow

This technicolor vision is way out of control

Let it glow, let it glow

Where the Earth's magnetic fields play a crucial role

It's plasma, ya'll

The Northern Lights shine bright when the right conditions fall

It's the greatest light show

That ya know

Throwing sciency flow

So hot you can melt a snow cone

Cause it's light out

When it's night out

Not myth or lore

Not gonna make stuff up no more

It's show and tell and it's time to flow

Olaf is right and here we go!

(Speaking) Frankie: That was good.

Paige: Yea. You did a great job.

Frankie: I did.


  • Clips from the movie Frozen  are shown.
  • Bernie appears in the video.