It's a Laugh Productions
It's a Laugh Productions, Inc. is a production company best known for producing the live-action sitcoms that air on Disney Channel and Disney XD. It is an owned subsidiary of the Disney-ABC Television Group.

All shows are taped at Hollywood Center Studios, with the exceptions of Hannah Montana, Good Luck Charlie, and Austin & Ally, which are taped at Sunset Bronson Studios (formerly Tribune Studios); Sonny with a Chance, which was taped at NBC Studios (before moving to Hollywood Center Studios for its second season); Pair of Kings, which was taped at Sunset Gower Studios (before moving to Hollywood Center Studios for its third season); and Shake It Up, which is taped at LA Center Studios (as well as the second and third seasons of Good Luck Charlie). However, the shows are still similar to all of the studio's other programs. Jonas L.A. was the first live-action sitcom to be filmed in a single-camera film format as opposed to the videotaped, multi-camera format of other Disney Channel sitcoms. It was also filmed on location with closed sets.


It's a Laugh was launched in 2004. Starting in 2005, it was created and meant to replace Brookwell McNamara Entertainment, producers of Even Stevens and That's So Raven, as producers of Disney Channel programming. The first two shows to hold the It's a Laugh label have all had more than 60 episodes produced. It's a Laugh programs aired on Disney Channel are mostly known as Disney Channel Original Series, and on Disney XD as Disney XD Original Series. The first Disney XD Original Series to be produced by It's a Laugh is I'm in the Band.

As of 2012, nearly all of Disney Channel's live-action original programming is produced by It's a Laugh Productions.