Horse Face Guy is a recurring character on Bizaardvark. As of this writing, nobody seems to know what his channel is about, but he hovers around the Vuuugle Studio wearing a horse mask. He typically is seen wearing a tank top and sequined shorts.

In the episode "Agh, Humbug," Horse Face Guy was reunited with his father by Dirk for his Secret Santa present.

Horse Face Guy is portrayed by Ross Kobelak.


Season 1

Appearances: 11/20

Season 2

Appearances: 19/22

Season 3

Appearances: 6/21

Total appearances: 36//63


  • He has never spoken.
  • He wants to get a Real Estate License.
  • He has a pet Hermit Crab named Hermie. 
  • He faked a feud with the Bagpipe Ninja.
  • He has been known to sleep inside the couches of Vuugle.
  • Lilly Singh admits to being a fan of his.
  • Dirk has called Horse Face Guy his personal hero.
  • He lost his mask once, and wore a paper sack with a horse head drawn on it until he found his mask in the Vuugle lost and found.
  • Much of his life story will be revealed in the episode Who is Horse Face Guy?
  • Officer Wlliams

    Horse Face Guy Unmasked?

    Ross Kobelak did appear as "Officer Williams" in the Bad Hair Day music video,  it is up for debate whether or not this could be interpreted as  Horse Face Guy doing the girls a favor by appearing without his mask for the role.


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