"Blobfish" is a music video from First that Paige and Frankie sung. The video was performed in the style of a 1990's boyband music video in the key of E flat major, often interrupted by a photo of the blobfish, which nearly spoils the intended mood of the song.


Paige: This song goes out to a guy that doesn't get a lot of love.

Frankie: No love.

Paige: Probably cause he was voted the world's ugliest creature.

Frankie: Ugly! But these girls think you've got it going on.

Paige: This song's for you, Blobfish.

Both: Oh, oh, oh!

Frankie: When I first saw you, Blobfish. I said I really like your smile. Okay! The picture's not your best one. And that drool is pretty vile.

Paige: But I think you are perfect!

Frankie: (perfect)

Paige: Just wanna get closer to you. Ugh! Maybe not that close my love. I can see all of your goo!

Both: Blobfish, you're endangered. For breaking our heart. Ah!


  • This is the very first song featured in Bizaardvark
  • The blobfish was also mentioned in the Girl Meets World episode "Girl Meets Farkle."
  • More information about the Blobfish can be found here.


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