BizaArmed and Dangerous is a fictional movie trailer introduced by Paige and Frankie. It is also the 9th in the second season of Bizaardvark Shorts. It premiered on Disney Channel's official YouTube on May 26th, 2017.


The story takes place in the city of Bizaarpolis where Officer BizaArmed and Officer Dangerous embark on their most epic mission ever: Saving the Internet! They must stop Dr. Von Vonvon's evil plan to replace every video with videos of himself mewing and dabbing. To stop the evil mastermind, they recruit the help of a young hacker named J1nX, and seek the counsel of an old wise cat called Mystic Cat who lives in a Mesoamerican pyramid.



  • The trailer opens with a comical warning with deliberate misspellings: "The following preview has been aarpproved for aarppropriate aardiences."
  • CGI effects are used to give the appearance that Olivia Rodrigo has between four and six arms. This number various throughout the video.
  • Madison Hu is wearing a fake mustache.
  • Jake Paul's eye patch covers a different eye at different times in the video.
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