Belissa is a minor character on the Disney Channel show, Bizaardvark. She is portrayed by Maya Jade Frank.


Belissa was first seen in Superfan, having made a devoted website about Bizaardvark. After Paige and Frankie thanked her online, she took it as an open invitation to be their friend. She later appeared in that episode having moved to their city from Nebraska. For a while, she kept interrupting their songwriting. When she interrupted their performance later, Frankie pushed her away. Paige and Frankie learned that Belissa helped arrange the performance, and they personally apologized to her.

Later, Belissa was confronted by Amelia about Belissa not subscribing to Perfect Perfection. Amelia managed to get Belissa to subscribe when she posted a video of her watching Bizaardvark.

In Spoiler Alert: Belissa Returns, Belissa heard Paige and Frankie claim that bad things help write their songs. She started setting up near misses for them until she was caught. She ended off with making Paige and Frankie believe they had been framed for a crime, resulting in "Oops, Wrong Emoji."


Belissa is very quirky and is 'Bizaardvark's biggest fan'. She reads a lot in any gesture, as shown in her first appearance. She is obsessed with Bizaarkvark, and goes to huge lengths to help them. She tends to be very loyal, and has provided some wisdom. She believes she is perfect the way she looks and does not like PPWA.

Physical Appearance

Belissa has fair skin, dark brown hair and is usually dressed in Bizaardvark merchandise.




Season 1

Appearances: 3/20

Season 2

Appearances: 2/22

Total appearances: 5/42


  • She is Paige and Frankie's superfan.
  • Her bedroom has been deliberately made to copy Frankie's exactly.
  • She has a fansite called "I Heart Vark".
  • She can play the bassoon.
  • Frankie also said that she has a really good voice.
  • Belissa has engaged in illegal activities, such as stalking, trespassing, and cutting hair without permission.


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Belissa Song

Belissa Song